Looking good is a hard job and every girl knows this fact! That’s why we prepared a new collection of makeup tips you should learn by heart. Check out a collection of ideas for lazy and clever girls:
-Check out several ways to make fake freckles. Choose the one you like the best
-You will learn how to make a perfect eyebrow contour using toothpicks
-Find out how to sharpen lip liner using a secret sharpener
-Make a faux nose or lip ring that will cost you a penny. The tutorial is very easy
-If you are out of eyeliner, replace it with a simple pencil. Place it in warm water for several minutes and use it as eyeliner. Besides, you can use it to line lips
-If you have bought a wrong foundation tone, you can correct it using lipstick
-Create cool lip makeup using stockings. You will be surprised by the result!
-This mixture will perfectly hide pimples: add some powder to the foundation and properly stir.
-Dark circles usually appear after a sleepless night but we know how to solve this problem and look flawless. Squeeze a bit of aloe vera gel onto a cotton pad. Place cotton pads into ziplock bag and place in the freezer. Use them when needed, apply for 10 minutes
-Scrub eyebrow brush over a soap bar and then brush your eyebrows. Soap will make your brows fuller
-Homemade blusher is the best way to save a lot of money. Mix lipstick and face cream
-Check out a lot of henna tutorials that you will love. Henna tattoos look so cool! You don’t need any special skills to create various patterns Share your beauty hacks in comments with us!


00:09 Surprising makeup ideas
01:57 Lip art idea
02:36 How to hide pimples
03:34 Eyeliner lifehack
03:54 Faux nose ring

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