DevaCurl Delight : Demo & Results (2c Wavy Hair)

DevaCurl Delight : Demo & Results (2c Wavy Hair)

Hi everyone! Welcome back to my channel! Whenever I’m not traveling the world & sharing my experiences, I’ll upload a beauty video here and there! I was so excited when DevaCurl announced they would have a line for wavy hair and won a chance to receive two free full size bottles of the DevaCurl Delight Low Poo cleanser & the DevaCurl One Condition Delight.

Here is what the DevaCurl website says about Delight:
Low-Poo Delight: The balanced, light formula cleanses the scalp and hair while fighting frizz and oiliness. It’s made with rice protein for body and fullness, lotus flower for bounce and a chia-flaxseed extract blend for defined waves that last.

One Condition Delight: Gives the perfect amount of hydration. The light, moisturizing formula, made with rice protein, lotus flower and a chia-flaxseed blend, fights frizz, detangles, and sets you up for a defined, wavy look that lasts.

Smell: Before trying the Delight Line, I’ve used the No Poo & One Condition from DC. Immediately upon opening the Delight bottles it was a different kind of smell. The Noo Poo & One Condition remind me of a very fragrant sour patch kid/skittles smell, which I don’t mind at all! The Delight Line smell was not as strong. It was very soft yet still reminded you of bright florals & herbs.

Consistency: The Low Poo Delight is a soft yellow color. Almost reminded me of medicated shampoo, just the color of it because I’m used to seeing opaque cleansers and it was pretty clear and quite runny. Key ingredients in the Low Poo is Rice Protein, Lotus Flower, & Chia-flax seed. Before massaging into my scalp I rubbed in the palms of my hands which produced just a very light lather. It didn’t feel as minty as the No Poo but it still cleaned my scalp very well. The One Condition Delight was my favorite! It was much more creamy than the One Condition in my opinion and the slip was much better as well!

After scrunching the hell out of my hair in the shower I noticed that my hair felt very moisturized. I scrunched out any excess water, plopped my hair for about 15 minutes, then I let my hair air dry! That’s it! No leave-ins, gels, creams, nothing. So typically when I start a new product, I wait until my hair is fully dry to see myself in the mirror.So after about 2 hours my hair was finally dry and omg you should’ve seen the look I had when I saw myself in the mirror lol I have never seen my waves/curls so defined and with so much volume from only using a cleanser & conditioner. My hair didn’t feel weighed down at all, in fact it felt very lightweight despite having thick course hair. It was very soft to the touch, even my ends!


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Disclaimer: Products used in this video were sent to me by DevaCurl however these opinions are my own after trying the product! (Music thanks to: Mattison “Predictions” (bootleg stewRat remix) check em out here! )