Expert Haircut and Style Advice For You! | Ask The Barber | Ep 2

Expert Haircut and Style Advice For You! | Ask The Barber | Ep 2

Ask The Barber. This is a chance to find the best haircut and hairstyle for you, with advice from some of the best barbers in the country. You asked the questions, so Toastie Styles (Dani) and I have answered your hair issues. What would you recommend for haircuts and hairstyles? Let us know in the comments. Looking for more information about men’s hair? Sign up to the newsletter now



1 — Vinny has really thick hair, which can be hard to control, and is not sure how to cut or style it.

2 — Mark recently had his hair cut but isn’t that happy with it. Should he continue to cut it himself?

3 — Scott needs some advice to help with his fine, fly-away hair.

4 — Christian has had a classic cut for a while and is now looking for a more modern style.

5 — William has great hair but wants to know what hairstyle would best suit his facial shape.

6 — Joe has extremely fine hair, with a very high skin fade, and is looking for a styling solution.

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