LITTLE WOMEN Makeup Tutorial // * no-makeup makeup *

LITTLE WOMEN Makeup Tutorial  // * no-makeup makeup *

I guess this tutorial is pretty *~astonishing~* Today, we’re talking all things LITTLE WOMEN & doing makeup inspired by the March sisters
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HI FRIENDS! Today, we’re doing a deep dive & geeking out about LITTLE WOMEN– the novel, the miniseries, the musical, and most of all Greta Gerwig’s brilliant film adaptation. I’ve seen it a couple of times in theaters (and I’m dying to see it again, so if you have a screener please invite me over for movie night) and I absolutely adored it. From the visuals to the storytelling down to the camera movement– I feel like Greta understood the March sisters in a whole new way. So today, I’m gonna share some of my fave things about #LittleWomen while doing my makeup inspired by the the look of this adaption. Also, I’m legally changing my name to #FlorencePugh. Because like WOW she is a superstar.

(( If you’re new around here, usually while I do a makeup tutorial— I’ll talk a bit about what it’s based on. Usually it’s a musical, but today it’s a story. One that has meant a lot to me, growing up.
And that is of course, Little Women. I have a million and a half things I could say about this classic story, but I have a feeling that the majority of today’s conversation will revolve around the musical and Greta Gerwig’s new film adaptation— which this makeup tutorial is based on. ))

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