Makeup for Older Women – Creating a Smokey Eye with LFF Makeup

Makeup for Older Women – Creating a Smokey Eye with LFF Makeup

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Here at Look Fabulous Forever we believe that age is no barrier to looking fabulous. Our beautiful makeup for older women is ‘pro-age’ which means that it is specifically formulated to suit more mature faces, eyes and lips. In this video, Tricia will be showing you how to create a smokey eye with Look Fabulous Forever makeup.

1. Apply the Smooth Out Eye Prime to both eyes and allow to dry
2. Using Shadow Blending Brush 7, apply the No Shimmer Eye Shade in Cream all over the eyelid
3. With the Eye Shade in Aubergine, and the Shadow & Lip Brush 5, draw a line in the socket line, from the centre of the eye, following the line of the eyebrow, to the outer edge
4. Taking Brush 7 again, apply more Aubergine on the outer part of your eye, filling in the template you have just made
5. Finally, with Wedge Brush 8, line the upper lash line with more Aubergine.
6. Curl your eyelashes and apply Fabulous Lash Mascara
7. Finish of the look with some lipstick!

Bring Back Brow Shape:
Smooth Out Eye Prime:
No Shimmer Eye Shade:
Shadow Blending Brush 7:
Shadow & Lip Brush 5:
Wedge Brush 8:
Eyelash Curlers:
Fabulous Lash Mascara:
Lustrous Colour Lipstick:

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