Man Weave Makeover: Stephen A. Smith gets Kyle Kuzma Haircut #Damps

Man Weave Makeover: Stephen A. Smith gets Kyle Kuzma Haircut #Damps

Do we teach the Manweave?
Yes we have a Manweave Masterclass:
We also offer a Free intro course at

Where can I buy hair or book an appointment?
We’re are we located?
Montreal, Canada

Are the services performed in private?
Yes, we have a private room to service clients.

How long does it last?
They are meant to last 3-6 months with routine maintenance and care. Your Lifestyle and how you care for your unit has a lot to do with the longevity. Routine maintenance includes detaching your hair unit every 3-4 weeks, washing unit, and reapplying unit.

Can units include grey hair?
Yes, units can be made with grey hairs blended into your natural hair colour, for a more realistic appearance.

How much does it cost?
Manweaves cost anywhere from $750 to $1500 depending on the style/service required. If you would like to do the Manweave application yourself we can sell the hair separately.

How are Units secured?
A hair adhesive is used to keep the unit in place.

Can I get the hair wet?
Yes, you can workout, swim, and shower with the unit on your head. In addition you’re able to restyle/moisturize hair with product.

Will people notice I’m wearing a unit?
No, our hair units provide the most natural, undetectable finish.

Will my Man Weave fall off?
No, it is securely attached

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