POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 3 – Fashion Modeling for Beginners – Tips and Tricks on Poses for Portraits

POSING FOR PHOTOGRAPHY 3 – Fashion Modeling for Beginners – Tips and Tricks on Poses for Portraits

Posing for photography video, with modeling tips and tricks for beginners, especially about portrait fashion modeling. In this third video about posing for photography I will give you my opinion on fashion modeling poses, and will give some tips for beginners for both photographer and model.

This photoshoot was a fashion portrait shoot of a first time model. Model Noortje modeled the fashion designs my intern Anne created for her fashion design assignment. I shot her fashion accessoires for her, and she did the make-up. Considering my first two model videos have become quite popular, and I still get a bunch of questions about how to model, and if I could give more tips and tricks on fashion modeling for beginners, I decided to make another short video.

Posing for photography, especially fashion posing, is all about looking confident. Fashion modeling isn’t about how ‘hot’ your body is or how attractive you are, this is what glamour photography is for. In fashion modeling it’s all about selling a feeling / product.

I was quite impressed with the designs my intern came up with and made herself. The white fashion items are made with paper, and she put quite some time in the whole developing process.

I like to give my interns both photography, modeling and (make-up) design assignments during their internship with me. This is because throughout the years I’ve tried every aspect in doing a fashion photoshoot myself: Styling, make-up, posing as a model in self-portraits, designing accessoires for shoots, light, film and photography. A good photographer knows that every team member in a fashion photoshoot is important. By trying every job there is in the fashion scene (photography wise), you start to value the time and effort that each person has to put in it more.

I hope you will enjoy this How To Model video, posing for photography. More tips and tricks on model poses in te future!


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