Watch Me Refill / Redesign JELLY Acrylic Nails Coffin Bling Spooky GLAM

Watch Me Refill / Redesign JELLY Acrylic Nails Coffin Bling Spooky GLAM


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Products Used:

Alpha Brush, My Holy Grail Acrylic Brush that I use Faithfully
Kolinsky Oval #12
Swipe, Protein Bond, Clear Core Acrylic, Nail Liquid, Cover Blush

Meraki Monomer

Makartt Jelly Gel Polishes:

Modelones Coco Black

Top & Base Coats used are from this Burano Polygel Kit

Recommended Stones & Bling Glues that I trust

Big Cluster Stones are from:
Items in my video:

I do not see the exact flatback stones I used today for sale anymore but these are very similar called “Blue Flame”

Ebay AB Stones in mixed sizes

Banggood Stones in mixed sizes
banggood jonquil yellow tint type flat backs #18
color #20 is more blue toned like classic ab stones
color #19 are backless iridescent stones

ULG Dip Powder Kit Step 1 Base I use as an all purpose holy grail glue

Kit Review:
Holds down bling better than anything, quickly dries while applying tips, can be used to keep press on nails lasting over 2 weeks, can help keep down a lifting nail before your next refill appointment, dries fast, never gunks up and maintains thin watery consistency.

Zulays Bling Adhesive

In this video I am experimenting with
Makartt Brush On Nail Glue:
I’m not sure how it performs for holding down stones I will keep you guys updated